My Sister the Nun Ch 3

It was always a wonderful feeling for him to make Jennifer the center of his world.

He placed his hands under her smooth knees, in back of her thighs and lifted her legs so they were almost hanging in space. This movement brought her beautiful vagina into view, and only a few inches lower was her little butt hole, which was winking at him invitingly.

He first licked slowly from her winking little hole, up to her tight vagina sucking all the way. Then with the daring of an Acapulco cliff diver he dove into her pussy hole, tongue first. Due to the God’s lack of understanding, and knowledge of most mortal's fanatical love of cunnilingus, they failed to give the male of the species a tongue, long enough to make a real difference. Robert always felt men should have been equipped with the tongue of an aardvark, only just for vaginas and not ants. He continued pumping his tongue as deep as it would go.

Occasionally Robert would pull his tongue out and suck hard on whatever was swollen and available, especially her lips and clit. He would then slide his slippery serpent back into its sheath, moving it deep, in an impossible quest to reach her cervix.

Jennifer flexed and gritted her teeth, as her vagina attempted to grab Robert's tongue. All the muscles of her body were flexed, as a sever pain traveled from her back to her belly then down to her pussy. She was in extreme pain until a flood of pleasure came in erasing the pain and leaving her in an almost supernatural state. The feeling was so overpowering that she almost believed she was communicating with God.

Robert knew that what she required was his version of tender loving care. He laid there his mouth on her open dripping pussy, slowly nursing on her labia and clitoris as a small baby might do at its mother's breasts. His older brother had taught him well when he said,

"Robert, if you are goanna' go to the trouble of goin' down on a broad, make sure you keep it up until she passes out, or it just ain't worth it, 'cause if she dosen't pass out ... she's going to be frustrated and want to talk."

Jennifer was almost at that point. As he slowly sucked her clitoris, she gushed fluids which seemed to him were coming out in spoonsfull. He looked up at her face. She was out.

It was eight forty-five in the morning and Jennifer hadn't moved a hair in several hours. As check out was at ten, Robert went into the bathroom to take a shower. He came out naked, drying with a tiny towel provided by the motel and sat on the side of the bed. Reaching over, he touched her face and whispered,

"Sweetheart its time to get up."

Jennifer frowned, still not opening her eyes, much like she had when he mother woke up to go to school.

"Jennifer Ann Conley," Robert said in a high pitched voice attempting to emulate her mother, "It's time to get up."

She opened one eye half way, then the other, a deep frown on her face, squinting at Robert. Although she didn't want to get out of bed, she was pleased that he had awakened her, as she had been having a dream that she was "Snow White" and two of the seven dwarfs had been looking for diamonds in her vagina.

"Come on you have to take a shower or your mother will know that you have been fucking like a horny little monkey."

"I have been fucking like a horny little monkey, and I don't want to get up."

"Didn't you tell me that you have the swing shift at the Hospital at two o'clock?"

"It's not two o'clock yet."

"No but you have to take a shower. We have to go to breakfast, and then you have to drop me at my parent's house. After that you have to get a uniform and drive fifteen miles to work."

"That's too much Robert. You do it," she said in her defiant little girl's voice.

"Do what?"

"You go to work for me."

"I can't," he said, "My legs are too hairy, and I have a mustache."


"Shave my mustache?"

"Yes and your legs too. I'll wait here for you. We can do it all over again tonight."

"Get up and take a shower ... Jennifer Ann ... now!" he stated with authority.

"Oooohhh kay."

Jennifer got off the giant bed and walked toward the bathroom naked, dragging her feet like an eight year old, who had been told that it was time for bed. It was all Robert could do to restrain himself from grabbing her and fucking her in the shower. She spent thirty minutes under the warm pulsating water. When she came out she looked shiny, like a newly minted quarter.

"I can't find my panties," she said, looking under the bed.

As she bent over Robert could have sworn that her vagina winked at him.

"Here they are," he said as he swung them around his index finger.

"What are you doing with my panties?"

"I was sniffing them."

"You dirt little boy. I'm going to tell your mother."

"What? I can spend countless hours with my mouth in your pussy, but I can't sniff your panties?"

She smiled at him. "Thank you Robert that was some of your best work. I just wish I had been there at the end. I think I passed out. You were so wonderful."

She sat on the side of the bed, and slipped into her yellow panties then her bra and her green top. After that she put her socks and shoes on, she got off the bed and walked over to him where he was seated on a chair. She was dressed except for her tight white shorts.

She stood in front of him, turned around, bent over and wiggled her butt in his face. That was all he could take. She wasn't going to get away with that. He got out of the chair, wrapped his arms around her waist and carried her over to the bed. He pushed her on to the bed, bending over it with her feet on the floor.

"What are you doing? We have to leave. Look at the time."

Quickly he pulled her panties down to her ankles, while simultaneously, pulling his own pants and underpants down. She looked around and seeing his erection she said,

"Mr. English, what are you doing?"

"You will soon find out what happens to a tease."

He moved in closer to her gorgeous bare butt, pulled her cheeks open with his thumbs and shoved his cock into her pussy. Grabbing her hips he pulled her toward him and began fucking her very hard and very rough.

Jennifer grabbed a pillow and some of the blankets, as she knew that she was in for a violent and turbulent ride. She was surprised as Robert had never taken her by force, but she liked it. It was kind of nice to be "raped a little" by somebody you loved. She knew of course that it was her fault. Not many men could take that kind of teasing.

She wondered how long it would take for him to cum, as they were on a time limit. But now it was beginning to feel so good, she didn't care if they were late or not. Robert could really fuck her and she loved every second of it. He had been in the shower not too long before, so he was beginning to sweat, but this was so great he just didn't care.

"God Bobby; it's so good. Fuck me harder."

'How ... he thought, didn't she know that he had already thrown everything he had into it?'

His knees were getting weak, so he leaned into the bed and braced himself, then pulled harder on her hips.

"Robert ... I'm going to cum. Cum with me baby. Squirt in my pussy. Uuuuhhh."

He felt Jennifer discharge and was about to cum himself when somebody knocked on the motel room door.

"In ... a ... minute." He called, "In ... a ... minute."

His cum began to squirt into her pussy, and fought with her juice, which was trying to get out and coat her raw vagina. The knocking repeated and Robert finally ask in a sex strained irritated voice,

"Yes what is it?"

The little old lady's voice cracked as she called through the dark blue door,

"Check out time is ten o'clock."

"We know. Thank you," he said as the last of his cum shooting into Jennifer's cunt.

As he began to pull his cock out of her vagina, he looked at the clock. It displayed nine forty. 'Damn he thought, he still had an erection. Well he wasn't about to stop now.'

Grabbing her hips harder, he shoved back into his lover and began to fuck her again. She couldn't believe it. He had already cum, but wasn't finished yet?

"What are you doing Robert, going for a gold metal? Baby I won't be able to walk to the car."

"I'll carry you."

Well she new better than argue when he had an erection. She grabbed the pillow again and held on. She was still on cloud nine from the fucking he had just given her, so it didn't look like he was going to let her down soon. Robert ignored her remarks and shoved harder and faster, attempting to beat the clock and cum again before they had to leave.

Unbelievably she was again getting into it. Two minutes had passed and she was going to cum again. She thought as her climax was overtaking her, he must have studied hard for this. After she came yet again, she said,

"Why did you make me take a shower, when you knew that you were going to get me all dirty again."

She felt like she was in a Supermarket, and some guy behind her kept bumping into her cart, but in a very nice way. What did this man eat; was it vitamins, large steaks or salads. His endurance was unbelievable and wonderful. She thought about calling in sick, after all she was completely worn out. He looked at the clock. Nine minutes to ten. Robert moved his hips faster, his forehead soaked from perspiration.

She had no idea that she was really involved in this final attack on her body, however, her vagina was again responding to his relentless pumping and again she began to cum.

Robert, out of breath and out of strength, fired off the last of his sperm into his lovely partner's pussy, believing it would be days before his penis would voluntarily peek out of its hiding place.

In a hurry they got dressed again and exited the motel room. The little old lady was standing by the door, tapping her foot. As they entered her car, Jennifer said, looking at her watch,

"We still have three minutes, wanna' go back?"

Robert smiled and then backed the little car out of the parking space.

"I'm sorry Jen did you want to drive?"

"Oh sure, like I could."

They drove slowly down the road, looking for a restaurant. They were both starved and dehydrated, craving liquid and sustenance. It was a beautiful morning, and the sky ahead was blue and clear, however as a metaphor, that would not last for very long. Jennifer spotted a restaurant.

"There's one," she said pointing out the window.

"That's a 'Skyline Chili' restaurant. They don't serve breakfast."

"I don't care," said Jennifer, "I'm hungry and they have food."

"Yah chili."

"Chili is food. Pull in Robert."

The restaurant had just opened at ten thirty and they were the first customers. A woman dressed in a uniform said,

"Sit anywhere, I'll be right with you."

They sat in a booth, and stared at each other for several seconds, then burst into laughter.

"You think that little old lady was pissed?" ask Jennifer.

"Probably, but not because of the time. She was pissed 'cause she can't do what we do so well."

"Yah! What do you think my pussy is, your personal storage locker?"

Robert shook his head from side to side. "Uh, uh. Storage lockers are cold, and you are really hot."

"You know that my pussy is still buzzing. Feels like I left a vibrator in there and forgot to turn it off."

"Thank you, I think."

"Absolutely. You are wonderful but you can slow down just a little. You have me totally convinced. Do you remember the movie with Frank Sinatra, where he was a drummer on drugs?"

"Man with the Golden Arm?"

"Yah ... well they are going to make a movie about you. "The man with the Golden Cock." You and I can do all of the love scenes.

The waitress came over to their table and said,

"We got good chili."

"Hence the name?" said Robert.

"What?" asked the waitress? Robert shook his head.

"Jennifer said, "I'll take a bowl of chili, without beans. Gas you know." She smiled.

The waitress paid no attention and asked,

"Oyster or regular?"

"Excuse me?" asked Jennifer narrowing her eyebrows.

"Oyster crackers or regular crackers." She stated slowly almost spelling it out.

"Oyster please, and hurry."



When the waitress looked at Robert, and he began to laugh hysterically and said,

"I'll have the same, no onions, and no ice in the coke please."

The waitress looked at Robert, thinking that he may be out of the Loony bin on a break, and then turned on her heals to put in the order. Robert had laughed as his sweet little unassuming girlfriend, had grabbed his cock when it had been his turn to order.

"Don't do that." He said.

"Why not? It belongs to me."

The waitress returned with their order.

"Quick enough for ya?"

"Thank you," said Jennifer. When the waitress left she said, "There goes her tip."

As they ate Jennifer talked all about Robert's superhuman abilities and the fact that he should wear a red cape to warn girls that he was coming. Then she changed subjects and expounded on the fabulous taste of his semen, sounding like some Hollywood gay fruit loop who had just returned from a blind date.

"Robert are you still horny?"

"No." he stated looking at here in disbelief.

To Be Continued ...

My Sister the Nun Ch 3